Valkyrie Competition

To mark the launch of Valkyrie Memorials we hosted a competition at St Joseph's college in Reading to promote students learning about their ancestors, with prizes awarded to the best memorials created.

We had a number of fantastic entries with some really interesting biographies and photos of students’ ancestors, with some memorials dating back as early as the 1800’s.  The top three memorials, are as follows:

Wanda Zahorski


Our first prize went to the memorial for Wanda who was a French spy and theatre nurse during the Second World War. Between October 1940 and August 1942 Wanda was responsible for the safe passage of 487 escaped prisoners of war. She had an incredible life and was awarded the Croix de Guerre for her war time services and Medaille des Passeur for exceptional services to humanity.  We are honoured to have her memorial on our site as her contribution to humanity was so valuable.


Henry Bertie Baker


Henry Bertie Baker is our oldest memorial to date, he was born in 1885 and fought as a soldier in WW1 before sadly being killed in battle in 1917.  Henry and his life are still remembered nearly 100 years after his death and we hope future generations will continue to remember his life.


Joseph Nicholas Edmondson


Joseph Nicholas Edmondson was a fireman, business owner and fought during the second world war in the Royal Engineers. The war took him all over Europe and Africa including places like Oran (Dec 1942), Algiers (Dec 1942), Tunisia (May 1943), Rome (July 1944), Venice (May & Aug 1945), Portschach in Austria (May & Nov 1945) and home for good in March 1946. He had an incredible life and we are very honoured to have his memory preserved on Valkyrie Memorials.

We would like to thanks St Joseph's for their participation in this competition and to all those who submitted memorials.

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