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  • Sheila Maynard was born in Wokingham on the 26th of September 1939, just 3 weeks after WWII began.

    Sheila had two older siblings, Bernard and Edna M. Her parents were called Dorothy and Thomas. Thomas was a builder and Dorothy was a shop assistant.

    Sheila grew up on Waterloo road, Wokingham and She attended St Crispins school which had been newly opened the year she joined. As a child Sheila and her family kept a pig in there back garden. They had a large back garden where they would grow there own food. As Sheila was born during the war she could remember hiding under the table when the air raid siren sounded.

    At the age of 18 she married Patrick tidy who was on national service in the Air Force. Sheila went on to have 4 children; Kevan, Sharon, Stephen, and Pauline (my mum).

    After getting a divorce with Patrick Tidy, Sheila married Joe Powell in 1993. In 2001 Joe sadly pasted away after spending 14 years together.

    Sheila moved to lower early where she worked voluntary as a cook at the resource centre. Sheila loved to work here and made lots of friends there. She always enjoyed helping those less fortunate than herself.

    One of Sheila's favourite things to do was to go to the country club to dance and listen to country and western music. She would also Spend hours in the garden digging up weeds and potting flowers. Sheila loved her garden ornaments!

    Since she was a young girl Sheila always wanted to see the Disney castle. When she was in her 60's she went to Disney world, Florida. When she drew back the curtains of her hotel room she had a clear and direct view of the Disney castle. This was one of her most magical moments which made her get very emotional.

    Sheila had 7 grand children and 2 great grand children.

    After a short illness Sheila passed away in April 2014. Sheila will be remembered as a loving, caring and a jolly person.

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