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  • George Deal

    Date of Birth: 11.03.1809
    Date Of Death: 21.12.1879
    Location: Dover

    He was born in Dover to John Deal and Lydia Trevanion Perkins. He was baptised on the 16 April 1809, in Saint Mary The Virgin Church, Dover. He served on his majesty's Revenue Cruiser

  • John Deal

    Date of Birth: 1764
    Date Of Death: 25.02.1848
    Location: Greenwich Royal Naval Hospital
    Profession: Mariner

    He was born in Elham, Kent, to a John Deal and Mary. He was baptised on 27th May 1764, in Elham. He was a mariner.He married a Lydia Trevanion Perkins at St Mary The Virgin, Dover on the 5th January 1794. He died in Greenwich Royal Naval Hospital. He was buried on 29 February 1848 in Greenwich, Kent, England.

  • Arthur Bayliss

    Date of Birth: 8.09.1875
    Date Of Death: 30.10.1939
    Location: Whitechapel
    Profession: Police Constable
    Burial Location: Bedworth,Warwickshire

    He was born in Bedworth, Warwickshire to William Bayliss and Sarah Hanes. He was baptized on the 17 October 1875. He and his brother, George were both miners in the Bedworth area of Warwickshire and both left the mining industry to join the Metropolitan Police in London. He served in the Metropolitan Police in Stepney,London his PC no.573H. He was stationed at Limehouse Police Station, at the time that Jack the Ripper was active in that area. His warrant no. 83321. He won two medals (see below in gallery), for serving in coronations in his case 1902 for Edward VII and in 1911 for George V. His wooden truncheon that he used to disarm and catch criminals is still around today,(see below for an image in the gallery). He married Emma Jane Rogers Deal in October 1901, in Blything, Southwold, Suffolk. He had one son in 1902 called Charles Arthur Bayliss, who's occupation was a Tobacco blender in a cigarette factory.

  • Sergeant William Charles Stubbs

    Date of Birth: 1887
    Date Of Death: 20.10.1914
    Location: Flanders, France
    Profession: Baker
    Burial Location: Ypres Menin Gate (Panel 3-5)

    A Sergeant in the 4th Dragoon Guards, The Royal Irish Regiment of the Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line. He Joined in Canterbury on the 07/05/1906. Started as Private - 1906. Given the Good Conduct Badge - 1908. Appointed as a Lance/Corporal - 13/1/10. Promoted to a Corporal - 12/10/11. Appointed as Lance/Sergeant - 1/1/13. Became a reserve for army as his wife became ill. Rejoined as a sergeant after saying 'he prefered a soliders life to being a baker' in a letter to the army. Army number 1087. Killed in action near Lille 'He was advancing on a German Trench whilst dismounted, he was struck by a bullet and died within ten minutes. His body could not be recovered but he was buried at the spot he fell'. Awarded the Good Conduct Badge in 1906 for several years of service in the army. He left a young son Alexander Charles and wife behind. He lived at 63, Grecian Street, Maidstone, Kent.

  • Anne Testler (Kesel)

    Date of Birth: 1906
    Date Of Death: 25/07/2009
    Maiden Name: Shaber
    Location: Bournemouth
    Profession: Gown Trade
    Burial Location: Bushey Jewish Cemetary

    Born in Josevov in Lublin Poland in 1906, Anne came to England when her father died and as was the custom in Poland at the time the children were threatened with being taken into care. Her mother stowed away on a boat to England with her children (see photo of Anne's mother with her 3 children, Ray, Anne and Alf). She arrived in England at Southampton in 1912 on the same day as survivors of the Titanic also arrived home. Anne assumed the cheering crowds who had come to welcome the Titanic survivors were cheering her own arrival in England! It was lucky that she did escape to England as it is said that after World War 2 only one Jewish person survived from Josevov and they had done so by converting to Catholicism. Anne's mother went on to marry a barber in England giving Anne 3 stepsisters. After arriving in England, Anne lived in London's East End marrying her husband Ben Kesel in 1932 and having 2 children, Henry and Evonne. Evonne was born on VE day hence the unusual spelling of her name. She worked in the gown trade and was always very keen on knitting and tapestry. Anne outlived both Ben and her second husband Morris Testler living to the age of 103 and having silver wedding anniversaries with both her husbands! After marrying Morris, Anne moved to Bournemouth living initially in Buckingham Mansions and then in a block of flats overlooking the sea on the East Cliff. It was always felt that Anne's good health was down to soaking up the Bournemouth sunshine from her balcony and spending the winter months for many years in Spain again enjoying a much warmer climate. Anne was a keen dancer and bridge player and at her 100th birthday played the game with her son Henry grandson Mark and great grandson David a unique game of bridge involving 4 generations of the same family. Anne was a high ranking lady mason in Bournemouth.

  • Ben Kesel

    Date of Birth: 1907
    Date Of Death: 01/05/1962
    Location: London
    Profession: Taxi Driver
    Burial Location: Bushey Jewish cemetary

    Born in Warsaw in Poland, Ben moved to England as a child. He did not speak good English at that time and the unusual spelling of Kesel comes from the misspelling of the name by the authorities. Ben then used this spelling from that point assuming it to be correct. By profession Ben was a black cab taxi driver in London. He had a great sense of humour and was a keen music lover, particularly enjoying listening to Classical Tenors such as Gigli and Caruso. Another hobby was playing the card game 'solo'. Ben came to England as a child and married Anne Shaber in 1932. He had a son Henry born 5th July 1933 and a daughter Evonne born on VE day, 8th May 1945. Although Ben never believed in joining political parties he marched against the Fascists in the 1930s. Ben initially lived in Stoke Newington but when they were bombed out moved to Finchley.

  • Bertha Aaronson

    Date of Birth: 25/12/1903
    Date Of Death: 22/08/1985
    Maiden Name: Lazarus
    Location: London
    Profession: Secretary

    Bertha Lazarus was a secretary and it was at work that she met her husband Hyman Aaronson. They lived together in the East End of London moving to Shiplake during the Second World War. After this they lived in Watford and then at 27 Sherwood Road, Hendon NW4. Bertha had two brothers, Wilfred and Harry and a sister, Hetty. She was an excellent cook and keen card player. Bertha and Hyman were also founders of the Watford Synagogue.

  • Hyman Aaronson

    Date of Birth: 12/05/1909
    Date Of Death: 25/12/1983
    Location: London
    Profession: Veneer Merchant

    Hyman Aaronson was a businessman with a successful Veneer Merchant Shop in The East End of London. In his younger days he was an entrepreneur and creator of several business ventures before finally concentrating his efforts on the veneer merchant business he started and that was located on Redchurch Street in the heart of London's East End. The business was run by Hyman's son Ronald Aaronson after Hyman's death until 2009 when the building was let out after the decline of craftsmen requiring veneers in the area and it became a bistro in what was by now a very desirable and trendy part of London. Apart from his work Hyman's great love was that of family. He and his wife Bertha would regularly invite his three children (Lynne, Frances and Ronald) and his grandchildren to his house for family meals of wonderful home cooked food on a Friday night. He would use these opportunities to spend time with his grandchildren delighting them with his sense of humour and fun as well as teaching them how to play his famous version of 'Oh Will You Wash My Father's Shirt...' on the beautiful rosewood Pleyel grand piano they had in their living room. He would also take great pleasure in taking all his children and grandchildren on annual holidays abroad which undoubtedly made the whole family such a strong and loving unit. Hyman's father (Abraham Aaronson) was Russian coming to England before Hyman was born. Because Abraham Aaronson had close connections to the great Jascha Heifetz, Hyman played the violin until he was the age of 12 but stopped playing when his mother died. During the second World War Hyman owned a clothes shop for which wartime vouchers were used as a method of payment. His early business ventures included opening furniture shops and launderettes. He also apparently employed a number of family members to help in the veneer business. Hyman married Bertha Lazarus in July 1933 and had 5 sisters and 2 brothers: Dinah, Helen, Ray, Jo, Freda, Sylvia and Bernard. In his spare time, Hyman's hobby was to play bridge and he was an outstandingly good player of the game.