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  • Hyman Aaronson was a businessman with a successful Veneer Merchant Shop in The East End of London. In his younger days he was an entrepreneur and creator of several business ventures before finally concentrating his efforts on the veneer merchant business he started and that was located on Redchurch Street in the heart of London's East End. The business was run by Hyman's son Ronald Aaronson after Hyman's death until 2009 when the building was let out after the decline of craftsmen requiring veneers in the area and it became a bistro in what was by now a very desirable and trendy part of London.
    Apart from his work Hyman's great love was that of family. He and his wife Bertha would regularly invite his three children (Lynne, Frances and Ronald) and his grandchildren to his house for family meals of wonderful home cooked food on a Friday night. He would use these opportunities to spend time with his grandchildren delighting them with his sense of humour and fun as well as teaching them how to play his famous version of 'Oh Will You Wash My Father's Shirt...' on the beautiful rosewood Pleyel grand piano they had in their living room. He would also take great pleasure in taking all his children and grandchildren on annual holidays abroad which undoubtedly made the whole family such a strong and loving unit.
    Hyman's father (Abraham Aaronson) was Russian coming to England before Hyman was born. Because Abraham Aaronson had close connections to the great Jascha Heifetz, Hyman played the violin until he was the age of 12 but stopped playing when his mother died. During the second World War Hyman owned a clothes shop for which wartime vouchers were used as a method of payment. His early business ventures included opening furniture shops and launderettes. He also apparently employed a number of family members to help in the veneer business. Hyman married Bertha Lazarus in July 1933 and had 5 sisters and 2 brothers: Dinah, Helen, Ray, Jo, Freda, Sylvia and Bernard. In his spare time, Hyman's hobby was to play bridge and he was an outstandingly good player of the game.

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