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  • Evonne was born Evonne Kesel on VE day, 8th May 1945, hence the unusual spelling of her name. She grew up in Nether Close, Finchley in London and almost died at the age of One when she contracted three fevers but fortunately recovered. She attended Henrietta Barnett School leaving at the age of 15 to become a manicurist. Her father died when she was 17 and her mother remarried a year later moving to Bournmouth. For this reason Evonne came to live with her brother (Henry Kesel) in Harrow Weald until she married Michael Waissman around 1964.

    Evonne was renowned for her remarkable good looks, she loved dancing and when a young girl did a lot of Ballet.

    Sadly Evonne passed away after a battle with Cancer in July 2002 and is survived by her three children Gary, Paul and Bradley.

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