Video Guide

To add videos to a memorial you must place the desired video embed code in the Video Box on the Create A Memorial page. 

In order to add a video that is already on a video site like Youtube or Vimeo then you need to press the share button under a video, then select the embed tab and copy the embed code into the video box on the Create A Memorial page.  You can add multiple video embed codes to this box, but make sure to leave a line gap between each separate video code.

If you wish to use a personal video then we recommend you go to Youtube and login/Register and add a video by pressing the upload button on the top right corner of the site.  On the upload page make sure to choose public or unlisted, not private, or you will be unable to add it to the site.  Public means your video will be available for anyone to search or view on Youtube.  However, we recommend you select unlisted which means your personal video shouldn't appear in search results on Youtube and only those who have the video link can view it. Follow Youtube's instructions and once your video has been uploaded follow the above guide to get the video embed code.