My Memorials Guide

Accessing Your Memorial

Upon creating a memorial it will be added to your My Memorials section in the dashboard.  To navigate to them Login and press the My Dashboard tab at the top of the homepage, once on your dashboard page you will see a My Memorials button on the left side of the page.  Pressing this will show either a Public or Private button depending on the memorial you have created.  Press this new button and you will be taken to a list of the memorials you have created.  

*Please note that the public and private memorials you create are separated into two different pages.


Editing Your Memorial

To edit your memorial go to your memorial page and at near top right of the page there is an Edit Memorial button, press this to go to the memorial editing page where you can change key info & dates, the bio, charity section, photos and videos.  Once happy with your memorial changes press Review at the bottom of the page and when on the review page press Publish to save your changes.  To remove your changes simply leave the page before pressing publish or press Cancel on the review page. 

*Please note that memorials can only be edited by the memorial admin, i.e. the person who created the memorial.