Creating A Memorial Guide

To create a memorial you will first need to Register or Login.  Once this has been done press the Create A Memorial tab* which will take you to a page offering a choice to create either a public or private memorial, a guide to these options can be found here.** 

Once you have chosen one of these two options press the corresponding button and you will be taken to the memorial creation page.  At this point fill in the key information fields provided. Following this you have the Biography box which can include anything about the life of the deceased you wish to mention, we suggest an outline of their life, achievements, family, work, hobbies and personality.  You can also add any photos or videos you wish in the photo and video sections.  Lastly, there is a charity donation section if you would like to encourage visitors of the memorial to donate to a certain charity in honor of the deceased.

Once you have completed this page you can press Review Your Memorial at the bottom of the page to be taken to a preview of your memorial. If happy with your memorial you can press the Proceed To Checkout button to pay for your memorial and publish it to the site permanently or press Go Back And Edit to make any changes before publishing.  You can also edit and add to your memorial at any time after publishing.

*We also offer a memorial creation service for those who are not comfortable creating a memorial themselves, the cost of this will vary depending on content running from £50-£90.  For a quote or to enquire about this service please use the contact us page. 

**Memorials cannot be swapped between public and private once they have been created.