Valkyrie Memorial Creation Service

We now offer a memorial creation service for between £50-£90, for those who would prefer we create the memorial for them instead.  It requires you to send us the memorial information including any key information, bio text, photo's and video via email to

Once you have sent us this information we will invoice you for the memorial creation fee.  Once paid we will create a memorial based on the information you have provided.

Our Memorial Creation Service includes*:

  • Creation of a premium memorial
  • Key information
  • Biography
  • Uploading of any videos provided**
  • Upload and editing of photos to make them look great, including rotating, cropping and more***

Once the memorial is created we will email you a link to your new memorial along with admin login details so you can edit and add to the memorial moving forward.

* All memorial content must be provided to us beforehand for it to be included in the memorial.

** Any video's provided will be uploaded to a Valkyrie Youtube account in order to link it to your memorial.

*** Our memorial creation service has a maximum limit of 20 photos and 5 videos that will be placed on the initial memorial.  However, you are welcome to add more yourself after the memorial has been created by us.